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At Elbanita Properties, we are always looking to partner with individuals and financial institutions who have some money to invest.

Our business is built on co-operative and ongoing relationships with investor minded people who want to create streams of income through real estate. To this end we have established a Venture Partnership program that provides different pathways by which we can co-operate with other venturers to achieve a win-win for all involved. The different possible pathways include: –

Money Partner

As our money partner, you basically act as our bank providing money for our deals for an agreed upon rate of return and term.  An advantage of investing your money with us is that you are guaranteed a mouth-watering rate of return that cannot be matched by keeping your hard-earned money in the banks.  Your returns are paid monthly without fail.

Equity Partner

You can also choose to be an equity partner with us and share in the profit of our operations. To be an equity partner you would only need put up the down payment/closing costs; hold a mortgage and/or bring a percentage of either or both of down payment/closing costs and mortgage. In return, you would be entitled to an agreed upon ownership ratio.  Your investment is secured against the property. This is a completely hands off deal for you as venture partner – nothing to do but make money in your sleep!


And if neither a money partner or equity partner is for you; we can still have beneficial co-operative business relationship. You can be an independent associate. You are an independent associate if you can refer a friend, client, or family member to us for a Rent-to-Own home program. We very much welcome referrals from associates. Every time you refer somebody to us and with get a Rent-to-Own home agreement from your referral, you are guaranteed to receive a complimentary $1,000 referral thank you from us.

If you or your team would like to know more, please  set up a meeting with us today. Click HERE to get started.

Investor Partners: The Process
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